Put your jewellery making future top of your Christmas list

If you talk to HR experts they’ll tell you the Christmas is one of the key times for people to make big decisions about their future careers plans.

They may decide to resign, change direction, take up a training opportunity or determine to start their own business.

So it is quite likely that some of you will be thinking about taking new steps with your jewellery making. That could be gaining the technical skills to make the jewellery you want, starting to earn money from your hobby or launching a full scale jewellery business.

Often the problem with these aspirations is taking the first step or finding the right support and training to get going. This why at London Jewellery School we schedule a lot of classes that can help to start in January – what could be better than striking when the iron is hot?

jewellery making, jewellery diploma

2015 could be the year for you to develop the skills to turn your jewellery ideas into reality

So if you want to take your jewellery skills to a new level, we have the Diploma in Creative Jewellery (starting onMonday 5th and Saturday 10th January 2015). This one day a week, one year course will help you build your technical jewellery skills to a professional level and allow you to explore a range of jewellery media to give your creativity full range. Materials taught on the course include silver, metal clay, glass, wire, Perpsex and resin plus much more.

Many former students have gone from little or no jewellery skills to taking commissions as fully-fledged designer makers through this course. See some of their work here.

jewellery diploma

Previous students have used the Jewellery Design and Business diploma to create a new career for themselves

If you see yourself more as a designer than a maker and are planning your jewellery brand, take a look at the Diploma in Jewellery Design and Business (starts Tuesday 20th January 2015). This two term, one day a week course is aimed at people who are more likely to outsource some of their production and focus and creating collections and building a brand. One term focuses on jewellery design and the other on building a successful business from the finance to the marketing.

And if taking your business to the next level is your big aim, there is the one week Business Bootcamp (28 January to 2 February 2015). This is an intensive course where tutors help you take a look at every aspect of your jewellery business and guide you towards building a business plan and deciding on the next important steps.

So if you are planning a big change for 2015 we are here to help and as always wish you all the very best with your jewellery ventures and always want to hear about your successes.

Good luck with plotting you creative futures this Christmas!


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