Christmas party jewellery

Purely to help our readers out, the London Jewellery School team has been studying the fashion mags to pick out some ideas for the best Christmas party bling.

If you want to stand out at your Christmas do, think big, think cyrstals, think colour, think statement.

Statement necklaces are key pieces at this time of year. A colourful statement necklace can add a lot to the ubiquitous little black dress, and large piece is just the thing for a strapless dress or top.

statement crystal necklaces

Dolce and Gabbana take crystal statement necklaces to the extreme. Imagine something like this with a strapless dress


beaded jewellery

We think this purple and mint beaded necklace by Chelsea Doll would be perfect with a plain dress


The great thing about statement necklaces for jewellery makers is that you can create something really striking with a few tools, crystals, beads and wire and have a lot of fun doing it. Plus using the same basic construction but changing elements such as using glass pearls or bright semi-precious stones, or using coloured wire, can really change the look of a necklace.

make statement necklaces

This necklace for Jessica Rose’s book Bead and Wire Fashion Jewelry will adapt to a range of chain, wire colours and beads or crystals



If your party outfit doesn’t lend itself well to a big necklace, think about grabbing attention with your ears and wrists instead. The summer trend of multiple bracelets and cuffs lends itself well to the party season – think strong colours, faceted beads and diamante studded leather, for a mix of memory wire bracelets, bangles and friendship bracelets.

christmas party jewellery

Diamante studded leather like this split cuff from BB Accessories can add sparkle wsith an edge. Leather bracelets are straightforward to make once you’ve learnt some basic techniques and it is easy to find diamante studs online.


make crystal jewellery

Stretch crystal bracelets like this floral one from Bling Forever add glamour without breaking the bank


statement jewellery

Bracelets give you endless possibilities for making statements – be creative. We love this example using ribbon from Junk Jewels


For earrings big but classy is the way to go – so think art deco styles and glass gems masquerading as the real thing.

party jewellery

These Elizabeth Cole earrings use Swarovski crystals and vintage styling to help you dress to impress – something like this would be spectacular with an updo and a matching necklace.


christmas party jewellery

Use crystals with a souutache technique (rather than solid coloured cabochons) to achieve your own art deco look.

And finally complete your outfit with a classic wire cocktail ring.

party jewellery

You can find a range of ring projects in this tutorial – and make one to match every outfit.

Don’t forget to wear your best handmade party jewellery to the London Jewellery School Christmas Party on 11 December – you could win a prize.

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  1. Posted December 12, 2014 at 2:27 pm | Permalink | Reply

    The rings are beautiful, I’m definitely going to have a go. Thank you for posting the tutorials

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