Make bead and chain statement earrings

As Christmas party season approaches, it is the perfect time to make some fabulous statement jewellery. So we are sharing this fabulous statement earrings tutorial first published on our sister blog at  Jewelry From Home.


Materials – Chunky chain, 1.8cm oval faceted beads, crystal tear-drop beads, 8mm faceted round beads, 4mm jump rings, head-pins, earring hook.


 Step 1. Cut a piece of chain either 3 links or 1.5cm long. Thread a round bead onto a headpin, make a loop and fix to the base of the chain. Using the excess wire make another loop thread on the oval/statement bead and make another loop to fix. Fix the the chain to one end of the statement bead.

Step 2. Cut another piece of chain 9cm long. Add a round bead to one end and the tear drop bead to the other using a head pin, creating a loop.


 Step 3. Measure 6 links or 4cm from the pink bead and fold the chain in half. Using a jumpring fix the statement bead to the chain.
Step 4. Add a earring hook to the same link you fixed the statement bead too, repeat to make a pair.

There you have it, really simple earrings that make a statement. If you want something individual then try using vintage chain and beads for something really unique.
If you want learn the techniques covered in this tutorial then make sure you check out the courses on Jewelry from Home or join us at London Jewellery School for a Beginners Beading or an Intro to Jewellery Making class.

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  1. Posted December 2, 2014 at 10:07 am | Permalink | Reply

    Seems to be a lovable and a great options in this festive season thanks a lot for sharing,Nice work too

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