Raindrop jewellery

The weather has well and truly turned. Looking out the jewellery school windows we can see the “Gherkin” and other London landmarks wreathed in grey cloud instead of sparkling in the late burst of sunshine. And we wouldn’t dare nip to the shop without a brolly.

But even if it is grey and damp outside, there is still inspiration to be found as the collection of raindrop jewellery  below proves. Silver and crystal drops maybe the first thoughts you have about raindrop jewellery but here are some other approaches using shape, different materials or colours.

silver jewellery making

This silver and topaz raindrop by Rachel Gallery makes a wet day brighter.


rain drop jewellery

This ebony, opal and silver pendant by Silverstone Dimensions was inspired by rain running down a window.


rain drop jewellery

Raindrops don’t need to be grey as shown by Christine Darren’s Druzy Raindrop Earrings featuring coppertone druzy stones 18k gold plated chain


rain jewellery

Rain can be fun and quirky too as in this pendant by Riverwalk Designs. Think about creating your own weather scene in resin.


rainbow jewellery making

We couldn’t talk about the rain with out having a rainbow. So to cheer you up is a cuff by LJS team favourite Elizabeth Raine. Why not think about all the ways you could create your own rainbow – enamel, beads, Perspex and resin come to mind

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