Jewellery techniques – enamelling

If you enjoy metal working, either silver smithing or metal clay, have you considered extending your skills with enamelling? It’s a lovely way of adding long lasting colour to your jewellery.

What is enamelling?

Enamel is glass fused by heat to a metal surface. Enamel is crushed to a powder and then applied to a metal surface using one of many techniques including dry sifting or wet laying. The work is heated in a kiln to about 850 degrees centigrade when the enamel melts and fuses to the metal. This usually only takes one or two minutes but often several firings will be needed to complete a piece.


enamel jewellery classes

Enamel on silver clay by L0ndon Jewellery School  tutor Anna Campbell (copyright 2014)

Would you like to try enamelling?

We have a beginners enamelling course where you will learn

  • how to prepare metal for enamelling
  • many different techniques for enamelling including sifting and wet packing
  • how to enamel on copper and silver

 If you are interested in learning more about enamelling do have a look at the work of the Guild of Enamellers, a UK based group whose aims are

 To encourage and promote the craft of enamelling and the work of members

  • To seek to exert a progressive influence on standards of workmanship and design in enamelling
  • To foster good public relations and develop links with other crafts

 What does the Guild do?

The guild organise activities, workshops, competitions, exhibitions etc so do regularly check their website – and like their facebook page to stay up to date.

enanel jewelleryExhibition

Would you like to be inspired by some of the work created by members of the Guild? They currently have an exhibition entitled ‘Jewels from the Fire’ on show at the Pannett Art Gallery in Whitby. The exhibition runs from 3rd October until 16th November 2014 (gallery is closed on Mondays) so please do go along and see the beautiful work if you are in the area.

 How can I join?

For more information about how to join the guild please click here

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