Absolute beginner to designer jeweller

Hannah Colvin recently completed the Diploma in Creative Jewellery. Here she talks about how she went from complete beginner to a jewellery designer taking commissions in silver and gold in just one year.

jewellery diploma

A year ago Hannah had no jewellery experience, now she is working mainly in silver and gold

I have always loved and had a passion for jewellery and its design but I had never made anything before I started the Diploma in Creative Jewellery at London Jewellery School last September.

I really was a complete beginner.

I decided to do the course because I had been at home looking after my three boys for eight years. I wanted a new challenge and a chance to do what I love. And hopefully set up a small but successful business out of it too.

The course has allowed me to put my vision into reality and to make pieces I love. I get so much enjoyment and satisfaction from the process of sketching an idea in my head to finally seeing it finished and being worn.

jewellery diploma student work

Hannah enjoys the process of turning a sketch into a finished piece

From completing the course I have worked out what I really want to focus on which is silver and gold smithing and the fusion of these metals is intrinsic to my style and brand.

I love making bold, simple but very well finished contemporary pieces. I am inspired by nature and very organic forms but also by strong geometric shapes.

diploma in creative jewellery

Hannah takes influences from nature as seen in her bud cuff and seed ring

I am also inspired by art in any form and try to translate and fuse the elements I love into my pieces.

It is the combination of these styles into my designs which I hope makes my pieces totally unique.

I am working on several commissions at the moment and also plan to increase my stock in the run up to Christmas. I am working on my website and have been speaking to several boutique jewellery shops to discuss stocking my pieces. I am also working on a new geometric collection which I am very excited about.

I also plan to do the advanced diploma course next year and from there develop a range of kinetic jewellery which has a completely unique relationship with the wearer.

diploma in jewellery student work

Bloom pendant

 You can meet Hannah and hear more about her development as a jeweller at the London Jewellery School studio warming and book launch on 16 October. Click here for details.

You can also find Hannah on twitter at @hanniehome and you will soon be able to see more of her work at http://www.hannahcolvin.com.

You can see more diploma students work here.


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