Sunday is the perfect day for jewellery making

Is Sunday your jewellery and crafting day?

sunday crafting

Here at London Jewellery School HQ we’ve noticed that a lot of people post pictures of what they’ve made to our Twitter and Facebook streams on Sundays, which makes us think a lot of you are busy turning your day of rest into a day of making. And what better way to destress from a busy week than having some “me time” with a pile of beads, some silver or an interesting collection of resin, leather or even Perspex elements?

We’ve also noticed that there are lots of blogs and Pinterest boards about jewellery and making which either mention Sundays or include it in their title.

So we’ve decided to get in on the act by adding a new day to our Diploma in Creative Jewellery courses. You can now take your Sunday jewellery making up a notch by taking this year-long course to develop your range of jewellery skills across beading, wire, silver, and mixed media as well as honing your design skills.

jewellery diploma

Work by previous Diploma in Creative Jewellery students


You can find out more about what the Diploma in Creative Jewellery involves here. The next Sunday course starts on Sunday 21 September 2014.

jewellery making, jewellery diploma

And whenever your “making me time” is please share links to pictures of your work in the comments.

Happy making.


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