Beads, beads everywhere!

It was one of our favourite moments of the month in the London Jewellery School office yesterday – a new delivery from Beads Direct for our pop-up shop.

Although we know the beads are for sale we love unpacking a big box of jewellery making goodies and this time there was a new range to oooh and aaah over.

We’ve all been plotting designs using these and some of the lovely focal point gemstones from Shangila Gems that we already have in the shop.

So here are a few of our favourites from the new range – we’d love the hear what you would do with them. Post a comment below (there may even be a spot prize for a particularly inspiring idea…)

jewellery making beads

Dark green agate – each bead has its own individual colour and pattrn combination

jewellery making beads

These assorted frosted gemstone beads remind us of Cadbury’s mini eggs. Would you mix them or separate out the different types?

jewellery making beads

This frosted labradorite has some polished facets creating a polka dot or football effect.

jewellery making beADS

It is hard to do justice to the sparkle of these blue goldstone tubes. We’re wondering what to combine them with to get the full effect.

jewellery making beads

This translucent sea opalite would combine well with a silver focal pendant or metal clay beads


Shangrila Gems have a wide variety of gemstones suitable for wire wrapping and much more for sale in the shop – including a whole box of sales items so do come along and have a look



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