Book Review Stone setting for Fine Jewellery

Continuing our series of reviews of jewellery making books,  we asked  stone setting tutor Gill Newton to look at Stonesetting for Fine Jewellery – Tools Techniques Gemstones by Paul Leibold, 2014 .

Stone setting is a specialist and extensive subject and Liebold’s book is a useful addition.

stone setting

Stonesetting for Fine Jewellery

With contents pages more akin to an index it is easy to get a feel for the breadth of the subject. Liebold, a trained Goldsmith, gemstone setter and lecturer, gives a clear insight, suitable for the advanced jeweller  to dip into as they work on a commissioned piece or to the dedicated student with basic stone setting skills and keen to deepen their understanding.

The three chapters cover Tools, Stone Setting and Gemstones with simple explanations supported by diagrams and photographs on clear spacious pages.

For those practitioners interested in the technical aspect of the stone setter’s tools it will be especially useful. That there’s a brief yet informative section on Creating Settings using CAD/CAM is appreciated though this book really is a resource for those of us who want to work with our hands using established techniques and processes. With just about every variation on bezel, flush, channel, prong and graver settings included, tips on how to take settings apart to reset or remove the gemstone or how to deal with damage to a gemstone, I am happy to recommend this book for the jeweller’s studio.

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