The wonders of wire

wire jewellery

Where would we be without wire in all its variety

When you ask people about essentials for jewellery making beads probably come high on many lists, but you could argue that wire should hold pride of place.

Wire is amazingly versatile and we have been thinking about all the ways we use it.

Wire can be used as a workhorse. Something to dangle your piece from – earwire or clasp – or even used for make your own jump rings.

wire jewellery

Wire can be used for clasps, jumprings and even coilded and hammered to create charms and features

Moving up from the simple jump ring you can use silver wire and your soldering skills to create your own bespoke chains.

chain making

Silver chain can be created from wire

It can be coiled, twisted of hammered to make charms and elements for your work – or to enclose a stone such as in this Linda Jones style spiral pendant.

wire pendant

Stone held by spiralled wire

Or you can wrap your wire to create setting for stones and beads and to create stunning rings.

wire jewellery

Wire wrapping creates beautiful settings for beads and stones

The flexibility of wire means you can weave it to create interesting textures and finishes. You can build up elaborate settings by weaving wires together, using those “sticks” to wrap stones and finishing with coils.

wire jewellery

Tutor Kerry Bloom uses weaving techniques to create intricate patterns

You can even knit or crochet with wire.

wire jewellery

Crocheted or knitted wire offers the opportunity to create flexible 3D effects

These are just the uses of wire we could see around us at the London Jewellery School. We’d love to hear how you use it and what you think we’ve forgotten.

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