Bella’s jewellery looks good enough to eat

There’s a new addition to the wide range of London Jewellery School taster classes and this one is quite mouthwatering – jewellery based on some of our favourite sweet treats.

Polymer clay specialist Bella Skye is joining the ranks of the LJS tutors with a class on creating “sweetie jewellery” including Oreo pendants and Love Heart Rings.

So we decided to find out more about her fascination with jewellery good enough to eat.

sweetie jewellery

Oreo, Love Heart and lollipop jewellery by Bella Skye

What gave you the idea of creating things like Oreo pendants?

I’ve always loved classic British and American sweets, they’re like a part of our culture. So when I found out I could make sweetie-like jewellery, I was hooked.

I looked everywhere for classes, but couldn’t find any for this specifically, so I trained myself through the internet and books.

Do you make other things in polymer clay?

Yes, I’ve made polymer flowers for necklaces and even little polymer people.

It’s so versatile you can make pretty much anything with polymer.

What other types of jewellery do you make?

I love Swarovski crystals and anything that sparkles.

Creating wise, I love working with pliable materials like copper and silver clay too.

If you had unlimited resources what piece of jewellery would you make?

That’s a great question! I’d make a rotating time-turner necklace like the one in Harry Potter…so I can travel back and forth in time.

And finally what is your favourite biscuit (edible kind) or snack to fuel your making?

Always TeaPigs tea – Jasmine pearls or peppermint is best! I don’t get that hungry when I’m focused on jewellery making.

oreo necklace

You can learn to make an Oreo neckalce and then use the technique for the biscuit of your choice

Bella’s first sweetie class in on Thurs 6 March, find out more here.

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