Jewellery Business Week: Get to know your customers via social media

jewellery business week

London Jewellery School tutor and jewellery designer Anna Campbell reveals how social media can help you know more about what your customers think and get them to help you make decisions.

As a designer/maker I can feel a little isolated. I’m sure there are times when you feel the same.

Often I am working alone and don’t have people around to use as a sounding board. This can make decision-making feel hard at times. Which colour shall I choose for my new logo? What theme should I choose for my new summer range? Sometimes I feel the weight of those decisions on my shoulders.

But, I want to remind you that there are some people out there who are interested and will give you an opinion if you ask. They are those people who have clicked ‘like’ on Facebook page or who have followed your blog or Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest profiles. Why not ask them for an opinion?

Social networking is not just about you shouting ‘buy my jewellery’.

If that is all you are saying you may be turning some potential customers, stockists and collaborators off.

So, why not try:

Asking a question

For example, if you are trying to write a tagline for your business, give people your shortlist and ask which is their favourite and why.

Sharing photos

Have you got two design variations and you can’t decide which one you prefer? Put a photo of them both up and ask people to tell you which they prefer and why. The answers might surprise you and prompt new ideas.

Asking for advice

Not sure whether to try selling at a particular craft market? Ask your followers and see what they say

Of course you don’t have to take their advice. But you could benefit from the wisdom of the crowd. Or a comment could prompt another new idea or validate a tentative one.

Plus when customers are engaged with you as a business they are loyal – when they want to buy they will look to you first.

So, how could asking your followers help you with something today?

Anna Campbell Smartie Jewellery

Anna’s Smartie bracelet, part of her range of jewellery based on sweets

Anna  runs her own jewellery business and teaches many of our business classes including Business Bootcamp, PR for Your Jewellery Business, Building a Website, Social Media and Getting Your Business Seen on Google – of which are available at a 20% discount if you book during Jewellery Business Week, click here for details.

You can find out more about her and her work at

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