Make sparkling Valentine’s earrings

London Jewellery School tutor Gail Florio provides a step by step guide to making these diamond shaped Swarovski earrings with blood red heart in simple bead and wire weave -perfect for a Valentine’s Day date. And it’s just one of many free jewellery making projects you can find on our website.

Gail is a beader and milliner, specialising mainly in bridal accessories. Living in London with her husband, young daughter and 2 cats, she teaches at LJS and also runs her own bridal business, Florio Designs.

Finished piece 1

Materials Used

  • 0.3mm Silver Plated Copper Wire
  • Clear AB & Siam 4mm Swarovski Crystals
  • Siam 8mm Swarovski Crystals
  • Silver plated Fish-hook Earring Findings

Step 1

make crystal earrings

Step 1 – It’s important that you layout your design on a bead mat first so that you can see if it actually works before you start. It will also help you see which crystals are next. These earrings consist of 81 4mm crystals and one 8mm crystal. The earring on the left is the weaved version and on the right, the crystals waiting to be weaved.

Step 2

make crystal earrings

Cut 1 metre of 0.3mm silver plated copper wire (You could also use beading thread and 2 beading needles). Slide your first clear 4mm crystal on to the centre of the wire and bring one side of the wire through the crystal to form a loop. The loop will form the bottom of the earring, usually this is pulled tight, but if you leave some space, you could then add dangles.

Step 3

make crystal earrings

Split the wires in two and slide on 2 clear crystals to one wire, then take the other wire and go through both crystals from the other side. Pull both wires so that the 2 crystals sit nice and tight on your first crystal. The facets in the crystals mean that that they should fit closely together. Do be careful of overworking your wire too as it can break.

Step 4 

make crystal earrings

Follow Step 3 with row of 3 crystals (1 clear, 1 red, 1 clear). Continue with the following pattern; Row 4 (1 clear, 2 red, 1 clear), Row 5 (1 clear, 3 red, 1 clear), Row 6 (1 clear, 4 red, 1 clear), Row 7 (1 clear, 5 red, 1 clear), Row 8 (1 clear, 6 red, 1 clear), Row 9 (1 clear, 3 red, 1 clear, 3 red, 1 clear).

Step 5 

make crystal earrings

You’ll now start to see your pattern take shape. Once you have reached row 9, you will then start to decrease in crystals per row to form your diamond shape. Row 10 (1 clear, 2 red, 2 clear, 2 red, 1 clear), Row 11 (7 clear), Row 12 (6 clear), Row 13 (5 clear), Row 14 (4 clear), Row 15 (3 clear), Row 16 (2 clear), Row 17 (1 clear).

Step 6

make crystal earrings

Add an 8mm red crystal to both wires to sit on top of the diamond (optional). Using your round nose pliers, form a loop around the bottom jaw and wrap the wires around tightly above the large crystal, trim off the excess wire and tuck the ends in with your chain nose pliers. Open the loop of an earring fish hook and slide on the diamond weave and close loop.

make crystal earrings

The finished earrings

Designer Tips

  1. Don’t be tempted to unpick your rows if you make a mistake as you are likely to break the wire. Start again!
  2. Reverse the colours and have a clear heart in a red surround, or use Pink!
  3.  Use flush cutters rather than side cutters to trim off your excess wire, it will be neater.

Extra Projects

make cystal earrings

Extra Project 1: Diamonds are forever! Experiment with different patterns. For this pattern; Row 1 (1 clear), Row 2 (2 Clear), Row 3 (1 clear, 1 green, 1 clear), Row 4 (1 clear, 2 green, 1 clear), Row 5 (1 clear, 3 green, 1 clear). Start to decrease your rows. Row 6 (1 clear, 2 green, 1 clear), Row 7 (1 clear, 1 green, 1 clear), Row 8 (2 Clear), Row (1 clear).

make cyrstal earrings

Extra Project 2: Flower power! These earrings also consist of the 5 row formation. Row 1 (1 black diamond), Row 2 (2 Black diamond), Row 3 (3 black diamond), Row 4 (1 black diamond, 2 pink, 1 black diamond), Row 5 (1 black diamond, 3 pink, 1 black diamond). Decrease. Row 6 (1 black diamond, 2 pink, 1 black diamond), Row 7 (3 black diamond), Row 8 (2 Black diamond), Row (1 black diamond).

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