London Jewellers’ Meetup: Hear from award winning designer Shaun Leane

If you are working in the jewellery sector whether for someone else or running your own business then there is a new date for your diary.

This month sees the launch of a new monthly networking event aimed at bringing together members of the jewellery community including early-stage jewellery business owners, designers of established brands, and businesses, groups or individuals involved in the industry in some way.

shaun leane copy

Shaun Leane receiving a recent award

The first event takes place on the 14th May at the Christopher Hatton Pub on Leather Lane, where award winning jewellery designer Shaun Leane will be speaking around the theme of ‘Workshop to Worldwide’ – something that many growing jewellery businesses can relate and aspire to. There will be the opportunity to meet Shaun as well as many other jewellery designers, businessmen and women so this is an event not to be missed.

The group, named London Jewellery Meetup was formed out of the realisation that there are too many start-up businesses and brands that don’t have anywhere to go for advice and support. Through networking and sharing with other members, this support can be provided, and can hopefully lead to the development and growth of these businesses now and in the future.

The London Jewellery Meetup has been put together initially by collaboration between Joshua Kovacs of IBB and Jessica Rose, founder of the London Jewellery School with an aim to creating a long-term self-sufficient event that can be accessed and utilised by everyone involved in the jewellery industry.

‘It is often easy to forget that there is a whole community of jewellers out there that have done or are doing similar businesses to you, by offering a neutral platform to meet, learn from and engage with others we hope to help build a more collaborative industry with a sustainable future that we can all benefit from’  says
Jessica Rose.

Guest speaker Shaun Leane, recent winner of the Harper’s Bazaar Jewelry China international designer of the year award, when speaking of the Meetup said:  ‘I was excited to hear about the London Jewellery Meetup and am honoured to be a part of it. With the right support and encouragement, there is great potential for even more of our talented British jewellers to succeed at home and abroad.’

For full information on the event including signing up for future events, visit the meet up page

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