Two new classes for you to try

As if moving to our new studio wasn’t enough excitement, we’re also launching a couple of brand new day classes – one in beading and wire and one in silver. Why not be among the first to sign up.

New class 1: Beginners Wire Weaving

kerry wire 10a web

Kerry Bloom, who recently joined LJS as a wire wrapping tutor, specialises in this intricate and dramatic wire weaving technique and in the new class will be teaching students two types of weave and how to make hook and eye clasps.

During the day students will use coloured copper wire to make the earrings and bracelet set pictured and leave with the skills to make a necklace at home.

The first Wire Weaving class will be on Friday 31 May and will cost £132.

New class 2: Recycle Your Silver Jewellery

melt web 4

Do you have scrap silver or failed projects that you don’t know what to do with – or even some unwanted silver jewellery?

In this class tutor Rebecca Steiner will provide an introduction into melting and reworking scrap metal to create new pieces. During the class you will melt down your own scrap metal and through the use of forging and forming techniques, rework it into useable sheet and wire for future use.

The class will also cover hints and tips for: mixing gold alloys, melting down old jewellery, and home casting. You will be guided in issues to be aware of when melting and alloying metals, and useful contacts for tools, suppliers and resources.

The first of the Recycling Your Silver Jewellery will be on Saturday 15 June and will cost £132.

Don’t forget that you will need to bring pieces of scrap silver or silver jewellery that you want to recycle.

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