Take a look at our diploma students’ work

cuff 3One of the great things about the Diploma in Creative Jewellery for the LJS team is seeing how different students use the materials and techniques they lean on the course.

Although everyone follows the same curriculum and learns the same techniques, emma glass ring copyhow they use them to interpret their own ideas can be very different.

You can see some of the results on the student gallery on the diploma website and on our Flickr page – and we’ll be adding to these pictures regularly (especially at the end of each term when students bring in several pieces for marking and we can photograph them at the same time).

Here you can see pieces by Emma Crump, Marcia Lucien and Tracy Stressing – but keep an eye out for more on the website.

marcia necklaceIf these pieces are inspiring you to take your jewellery to the next level, tracy resin 2you can read all about the Diploma here.

When you sign up to a Diploma course, you attend LJS one day per week for three terms to get a professional grounding in a range of jewellery techniques and materials – as well as designing your own collection.

If you are ready to make a big step towards a career in jewellery there are places available on the May and September Diploma courses but be quick because each diploma group is no bigger then seven students.

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  2. […] Take a look at our diploma students’ work (londonjewelleryschool.co.uk) […]

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