New videos and help for your jewellery business

Are you thinking of starting or growing a jewellery business? Mystified by pricing? All at sea when it comes to publicity?

Don’t worry, the LJS Jewellery Business distance learning course has just been updated with new videos and more business advice than ever before from LJS founder Jessica Rose and tutors and succcessful jewellers  Anna Campbell of Light Boat Jewellery and Hayley Kruger of Hayley Kruger Adornment.

Drawing on their own experiences in founding their own jewellery businesses, tour three tutors discuss a range of topics including:

  • Marketing – How to market yourself and your work, different approaches to marketing, branding and brainstorming ideas.
  • Advertising – How to use it successfully for your jewellery business.
  • Press – Ideas about getting noticed by the press and writing press releases.
  • Websites and e-commerce – You will be encouraged to think about how websites and IT are used in the running of your business.
  • Social networking and blogs – Using social networking to expand your business and get new customers/ sales.
  • Photography – Getting good pictures of your jewellery is one of the most important things.
  • Finance and budgeting – A look at finances, how to record details, maintain accounts, using an accountant and keeping to budgets.
  • Pricing and selling your jewellery – Getting your pricing right is crucial, make sure you think of all aspects of pricing for selling. Plus practical ideas and advice on how to approach shops and galleries and etiquette for selling in outlets.

At £99 plus postage, this is a comprehensive course for anyone interested in setting up their own jewellery business or who has recently started a business and would like information and advice as well as a kick start to develop it.

What is included: 

1. DVD with over 60 minutes of expert advice in all areas from marketing and promoting your business to pricing and selling your jewellery.

2. Comprehensive 50 page, glossy, full-colour workbook, full of information on how to set up and run your own jewellery business including; a full list of useful contacts and suppliers for jewellers based in the UK, tips on each aspect of setting up your own jewellery business and Information on the common pitfalls and mistakes to avoid.

3. A supplementary case study booklet detailing 3 current businesses, what they have done and tips and advice for running your business.

4. Membership of the London Jewellery School including taster class voucher and supplier discounts.

(Please note that no actual jewellery making will be covered).

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