Rachel’s jewellery start-up adventure

LJS student Rachel Western recently used the skills she learnt at the school to launch her own jewellery business, Exclusively Rachel. Here she tells her story:

“Two years ago I decided that following a struggle to find necklaces or bracelets in a size that would fit me, I’d make my own. Drawing on all my creative skills the beginnings of Exclusively Rachel was born, although I didn’t know it at the time.

My first attempts at making jewellery were ‘unprofessional’ to say the least but I had unleashed a hobby that I loved and wanted to do more and more of.

I decided that practice makes perfect and continued to make pieces for myself working in various mediums. By chance one day when searching the internet for tutorials I came across LJS and decided to enrol on a number of courses to improve my skillset.

This led to me making more and more pieces for friends and then friends of friends until I decided maybe I could sell my pieces to the wider public.

Enter the LSJ distance learning jewellery business course. Wow – this selling jewellery was more complex than I first thought but through completing the course I have learnt so much about what I need to do to make a business as successful as possible.

I built a website and launched my business in July 2012. I am still using the distance learning course to now focus on driving my business forward to ensure it’s long term success.

Learning from Jessica, herself a successful jewellery business owner, has proved invaluable as she has shared her own experiences to make our pathway to success smoother and hopefully as successful.

If I had to pick key lessons learned from the course it would be:

1. Writing a business plan and the importance of such, which really made me focus on structuring what my business was about and who my target market would be.

2. Marketing my business – I did not know where to start on this and am still learning but now feel more equipped to drive my business forward.

3. The importance of a budget – I am supported by a full time job which enables me to invest in the business but I need to ensure my investment draws a return, especially as I’d like long term to give the day job .

My only regret – not unleashing this creative side 20 years ago.”

The distance learning jewellery course is one of a number of jewellery business courses at London Jewellery School. Click here for more details.

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