Make Button Jewellery: Jewellery Making Project

Make this fruit cocktail button earrings and a matching button charm bracelet in 7 simple steps…

You will need:  
  • 2 pairs of Chain nose pliers and a wire cutter
  • A selection of small buttons
  • A pair of ear wires
  • Silver or gold plated loose Chain
  • Silver or gold plated clasp and closed jump ring
  • Silver or gold plated 6mm or 7mm open jump rings, depending on the size of your buttons.
This project was made by Chu-mei Ho for London Jewellery School 
Step 1: Cut a loose chain into two lengths of 3cm or longer if you prefer.
If you don’t have ready made chains, you can also attach jump rings together to create your own chain.
Step 2: Open a jump ring using the 2 pairs of chain nose pliers to twist it open. Please remember not to pull the jump ring open as it will distort the ring shape. Attach the jump ring to a button, then to the chain and close the jump ring with your pliers.
Step 3: Repeat Step 2 until you fill up the chain.

Step 4: Attach an earring wire to the chain.

Step 5: Repeat step 2 to 4 to make a matching pair of earrings.
Step 6: To make a matching bracelet, cut the chain to a length that just fits your wrist.
Step 7:  Attach the buttons to the chain until you fill up the chain then attach the closed jump ring and clasp to the chain with the open jump rings to complete the bracelet.
If you enjoyed this project and would like to learn to make different types of button jewellery, please take a look at our
Button Jewellery Taster Class- click here to see our full class description.
To see more of our free jewellery making projects click here to see our projects page.
Until next time,
Happy making

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