Jewellery Making Project: Make a Pair of Wire Wrapped Earrings

Make a stunning pair of wire wrapped earrings with our free, simple step-by-step project…

You will need:  
  • 0.6mm silver plated wire
  • 2 x Earhooks (you can make these using 0.8mm wire)
  • 2 briolette beads (we have used Amethyst)
  • Round nosed pliers
  • Chain nosed pliers
  • Side cutters
Step 1: Take a long length (approx 30cm) of 0.6mm wire and thread a short amount of it through your Amethyst briolette. Then bend the wire gently on both sides with your finger and thumb to make the wires cross just above the briolette.

Step 2: Begin wrapping the shorter end of the wire around the longer piece of wire and complete 3-4 wraps to secure the wires together in the centre of the piece.
Step 3: Using your side cutters, cut off the short end of the wire making sure that you leave the long piece of wire attached as you will be using this to wrap your piece shortly. Make sure you squash the sharp end of the cut wire into the other wraps so that there are no sharp ends sticking out.
Step 4: Take your round nosed pliers to the base of the long piece of wire where it meets the briolette and wrap the wire over and under the pliers create a small loop. Hold the loop in place in your round nosed pliers whilst you begin to wrap the long piece of wire gradually down the piece towards the briolette bead.
Step 5: Continue wrapping the wire down one step at a time to cover up the gap created buy the the initial bits of wire. Ensure you hold your wire in the round nosed pliers for stability.
Step 6: Keep going until the wire has completely covered the gap at the top and the top part of the briolette. You can choose how far down you want to go depending on your design.
Step 7: Next, cut the end of the wire down to approx. 8cm long and create a loop at the end. Then make this loop into a spiral using your chain nosed pliers, by gently curling it round bit by bit. Once you hit the base of the wire, place the spiral in the centre of the briolette to add detail to the piece.
Step 8: Repeat the process so that you have two matching earrings and attach an earwire to each to complete. Then you will have a lovely pair of wire wrapped earrings.

If you like this project and would like to learn more wire wrapping techniques take a look at our Beading and Wire Classes at the London Jewellery School and for morefree jewellery making projects, visit our Project Page.
Happy making LJS x


  1. Flutterby
    Posted January 28, 2012 at 8:57 pm | Permalink | Reply

    This is good, thank you. I want to use a similar effect on a peice of rose quartz for a pendant. I was going to investigate the best way to do it but dont need to now!

  2. Posted August 22, 2012 at 11:38 am | Permalink | Reply

    Nice tutorial, good clear photos. I do find it tricky to get the final look to sit snug against the stone. I find the shorter the swirl the better.

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