Make a Wire Wrapped Heart Necklace and Earrings – Perfect for Valentines…

Valentines day is fast approaching, so why not make your own wire wrapped heart set…

You will need:  0.8mm silver plated wire, 0.6mm silver plated wire, tigertail,  a selection of red and pink beads,  crimps x 2,  clasp and closed jumpring, round nosed pliers,  chain nosed pliers, side cutters and a wooden mandrel or tube.

Step 1: Take a length of 0.8mm wire and make a bend in the middle using your round nosed pliers. This will form the bottom point of your heart.

Step 2: Make two curves to form the top of your heart using a wooden mandrel or any other thick tubed object (such as prit-stick or a thick marker). Adjust the wire with your hands to make a heart shape.

Step 3: Wrap the two wire ends around each other to join them together and make the outline of your wire heart shape.

Step 4: With the rest of the wire begin wrapping inside the heart shape and finish the ends by making a loop with your round nosed pliers and attaching the wire end to another piece of wire.
Step 5: Take a long length of 0.6mm wire and wrap all around the heart frame, making sure it is secure. Continue wrapping the wire around the frame until you are happy with the finished effect. If you run out of wire, simply attach the end and add a new piece of wire.
Step 6: Finally. use the end of your last piece of wire to make a loop with your round nosed pliers at the top of your heart so that you can attach your heart to earwires to make a pair of earrings or to your tigertail to make a necklace. Take a look at the two finished pieces below for ideas of what you can do with your lovely finished wire hearts.
Now you know how to make a wire wrapped heart you can use it to make earrings necklaces and all-sorts… 
Do let us know how you get on with your project and post a picture or comment if you are going to have a go.
There are also lots of other fun jewellery making projects on the LJS project page –
Until next time,
Happy making

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  1. Posted May 26, 2012 at 12:39 pm | Permalink | Reply

    I love all your “hearts” – i must tell my freind who loves heart shapped anything! Sue

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