How to gain work experience as a jeweler or jewellery designer

Like any industry, when you are training to become a jeweler or working in a  jewellery/fashion setting you need to have some experience behind you before employers are likely to take you on and with experience you will certainly have an advantage over other applicants without.

But when you are new to the industry it can seem hard to break, so here are a few tips from the experts at London Jewellery School to get you started on finding work experience…


  • Sign up to Benchpeg newsletterBenchpeg is a free weekly e-newsletter aimed at the jewellery trade which is packed full of useful info and has an ‘opportunities’ and ‘jobs’ section, both of which often have info on jewellery related placements and opportunities.
  • Hatton Garden Notice Boards – As you may or may not know, Hatton Garden is London’s jewellery quarter and during the week it is a bustling hive of jewellery creativity. However much of the jewellery trade is quite old school so primarily use the shop notice boards to advertise all sorts of opportunities, placements and job positions. Here are some of the main shops to take a look in…

Cooksons  –

Bellore –

Rashbels –

  • LJS Newsletter and Blog – Sign up to our newsletter from the link at the bottom of our homepage and of course don’t forget to sign up to our blog to get regular emails straight to your inbox packed full of useful info on gaining work experience.
  • Approaching jewelers or organsations – It sounds simple but sometimes just tactfully approaching jewellers or organisations you want to work for and offering to do some regular volunteering work, sending through your C.V and just letting them know you are available – you may be surprised how successful this can be. However be cautious not to harass people and if they are not interested, move on to the next. It can also take time be patient and try not to take it too personally if you are not taken in straight away.
  • Arts Jobs – Another mailing list to sign up to – Arts Jobs is the Arts councils job listing site which is constantly updated with arts related jobs and volunteering/ intern positions, it is not focused on jewellery but there are lots of creative posts and you may just find the gem you are looking for.

And last but not least here at London Jewellery School we usually take on approx. 4 volunteers a year for 6–month placements in which we offer training and experience in working in a jewellery related environment. We don’t currently have any positions available but as soon as we do they will be popped up on or blog so stay tuned for updates.

If you have any comments or tips to add on gaining work  experience in the jewellery industry please do post them in the comments box below.

Until next time,

Happy Making. LJS x


  1. Posted September 26, 2011 at 6:07 am | Permalink | Reply

    Your approach to prepare good jewelley designers is really appreciable….. I like the way you are doing all this……

  2. Sarah
    Posted November 7, 2012 at 10:18 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Hi, I am currently a second year student at Brighton University studying BA(Hons) Design and Craft. I get the chance to work with plastics, ceramics, wood and metals. My main interest is jewellery, but I feel that the course only covers basic knowledge of this field. I would love to gain a place as an internship with a leading jewellery company, but feel that the skills I have learnt are not enough. Would a jewellery company be willing to take me on still?

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