Big, bold and beautiful…What’s not to love about resin jewellery?

At a time where the cost of silver is ever-rising and the catwalk is covered in big, bold and block-colour trends, resin could be the perfect addition to your jewellery making box of tricks. Not only is it affordable but relatively easy to work with from the comfort of your own home or studio and best of all the results are breathtaking.

But don’t just take our word for it, take a peek at some of the work from a collection by inspirational resin jeweller Jackie Brazil below:

Her stunning use of colour-layering and chunky shapes to make fashionable statement pieces makes resin the perfect medium. If you are feeling inspired and want to find out more about resin do a quick Google search of resin jewellery and you will find a whole range of different styles, techniques, images and even videos to get you going.

Nothing is better than doing a class for learning a new technique and as you might have guessed you are in luck as the London Jewellery School hold regular resin jewellery classes throughout the year on weekdays, weekends and evenings – so there is no excuse not to come and join in the fun.

Take a look at what some of our previous students have made below:

From buttons to buddha’s or china ornaments to chain you can embed almost anything in resin as well as mixing any colour you can imagine. The possibilities this fantastic material offers jewellers and hobbists alike really are endless and with the market changing so rapidly away from the focus on precious metals towards new alternatives such as resin, wood and perspex, one thing is for sure, the future looks bright for resin. 

Happy Making 


For full deatails on all of our resin courses please visit our website 

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