Taking the Luxury Biscuit

‘I come for the jewellery, I stay for the biscuits!!!’ LJS student

As any LJS regular student will know, jewellery is not the only thing we are passionate about. We also take pride in our endless supply of chunky, tempting, chocolate covered stash of luxury biscuits.

A lovely picture of our infamous biscuit tin and happy LJS student enjoying a cuppa and a cookie.

Our legendary biscuit tin, placed conveniently between our two bustling studios is regularly topped full of the finest cookies this side of Waitrose! And, we have come to discover through ground-breaking research a strong correlation between biscuit consumption and the making of stunning, original and inspiring jewellery. So its conclusive, the biscuits really are essential.

One of the LJS regulars, the lovely Michelle enjoying a biscuit and browsing through a LJS prospectus!

Next time you swing by our studio don’t forget to say hi to the biscuit tin and remember that it is not ‘bad for you’ but actually a crucial part of your learning 😉 and besides, we promise not to tell.

Until next time

Happy Making,


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