Notes from Jessica x

Hi Everyone,

First of all welcome to our site and thanks for looking at our blog! My name is Jessica and I am the school director, I also teach quite a few of the classes that we run here and each week I will be blogging with various bits and pieces of information, both on the courses and events we run at the school and also on interesting things happening in the jewellery world as a whole. Please do follow us and keep up-to-date and also let me know if you have any exciting info that may be interesting for our students and readers to hear about.

As always we really appreciate you choosing us to come and learn with, if you have already done a class with us then I do hope you enjoyed it and got loads out of the time you spent here. If you are still browsing and unsure what you want to do then do feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We now have over 80 different classes to choose from so it is quite a task deciding which is best for you!

Just to get you started, some of our most popular classes for complete beginners who are new to jewellery making and would like to have a go are; Beginners Beading – this class is great for learning all of the basics in making beaded jewellery including earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Beginners Metal Clay is another hugely popular class… it also is for complete beginners and covers the basics of working in PMC and Art Clay. Then we also have our Beginners Silver Jewellery class which covers all of the foundation skills in woking with silver including soldering, cutting metal, polishing and finishing etc…

We are going through an exciting time at the moment as we are in the final stages of preparing our timetable for 2011! We have lots of new classes, many of which have been requested by students – so we do listen to your feedback and make changes. The students of the jewllery school are one of the main sources of feedback and we have made many changes over the years that have come from students positive suggestions for change 🙂

Before I go just a quick mention…Origin, which is the Craft Councils yearly exhibition is closing today at 6pm. If you can make it down there it is always a great event. This year it is in Old Spitalfields Market, London E1 6EW and we have a few of our tutors exhibiting including Melissa Hunt, Tanja Ufer and Teri Howes so do say hi to them. Also coming up next week is the Goldsmiths Fair, which is an excellent exhibition held at the Goldsmiths Hall (near St. Pauls) it is on for two weeks and has different exhibitors in each week so there is always loads to see. I will be going on Thursday 7th October at lunchtime so might see some of you there.

I think thats all for now will catch you next week

Jessica x

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